Information for hirers


The “Master” Key opens the main door. The other key opens the inner door.

When you leave, please make sure you lock both locks on the main door. If you go out the front way, lock both doors behind you. If you go out the back way, please lock both front doors from the inside and close the back door behind you as you leave.
You may lock either of the front doors during your event to prevent outsiders coming in and to prevent children escaping!


The main hall lights have a dimmer facility. You need to press the switch twice and hold down until the right level is achieved.
As you leave, please check that all lights are switched off – especially all of the toilets. The front lobby light is on a sensor and will switch itself off.


Please don’t adjust the radiator thermostats but regulate the temp from the wall thermostats- one for the main hall by the stage, the one on the small hall covers the rest of the building. The top figure gives the actual room temp, the lower one the temperature you would like it to be. It takes quite a while to cool down but heats up quite quickly. You shouldn’t need to go above 19.
When you leave please turn both thermostats down to 10. This keeps the hall at an even temperature.
We aim to keep the radiator thermostats on 2. (otherwise the hall doesn’t heat up when the heating is turned on if the radiator thermostats are turned off)


You may use crockery, cutlery or glasses/ jugs. Please check at the time of booking. Please return to cupboard or drawer where you found them.

You may use the dishwasher. Please check at the time of booking so you can be shown how to use it. There are some instructions in the kitchen. It is a 2 minute cycle and can be used for crockery and glasses. Please put any cutlery in the grey rack. The dishwasher should be turned off. By removing the grey tube and pressing the on off button, it will automatically empty.

Clean tea towels are in one of the drawers. It would be helpful if any used tea towels could be left on the worktop behind the door.
If you are going to make more than a few teas or hot drinks, the water boiler needs to be turned on about 10 minutes before use. Please make sure that the water boiler is turned off as soon as finished– please leave the water heater on – this keeps the hot water in the sinks at an even temperature. The small sink is for hand washing and is controlled by thermostat to prevent it becoming too hot.

There is a key for the window in the cutlery drawer – also used for the small hall windows. Make sure windows are closed and locked after use.


The folding tables should be stacked on the trolleys under the stage in the two left hand cupboards, top down. Please wipe the tables before putting away. Please make sure that the trolleys are pulled out before stacking so that tables don’t disappear to the back of the cupboard.

Chairs may be stacked and moved using the trolley. After use, they may be stacked at the rear of the hall, no more than 6 high.

There are additional small (2ft sq) stacking tables and some children’s tables and chairs. Please indicate your needs at the time of booking. (These are in one of the sheds). You will be shown where the shed key is if you need any of these extra tables/chairs.

Toilet rolls

There are spare toilet rolls and kitchen roll in the bottom cupboard in the kitchen, behind the door. Please leave the toilets as you found them.


There should be spare bin bags under the sink. Please put all rubbish in sealed bags in the general waste bin in the car park.

Fire regulations

Please familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits. All external doors are fire exits. Please make sure these are not obstructed.
In the unlikely event of a fire, please phone for the emergency services and evacuate the building by the nearest route.

Please don’t use the fire extinguishers to prop doors open- there are some wedges but fire doors should really be kept closed. The Fire Brigade suggest that only those trained to use fire extinguishers should do so, but in the event of a fire please feel free to have a go. Please inform the booking sec if the fire alarm goes off either accidentally or otherwise. There are instructions in the kitchen for resetting the alarm if it is triggered accidentally – eg smoke from a disco- best not to have any smoke at all!


As there is no telephone in the hall, please make sure that a mobile phone is available for emergencies.


Cleaning materials are kept in the hall cupboard. Please leave the hall as you would wish to find it.

The stage

Please indicate at the time of booking whether you will require the stage.
There are electric points available for sound systems and discos. All electrical equipment brought into the hall must be safety checked.